sábado, 14 de abril de 2007



Walid:Hello Ana like these
Ana:hello well and your
Walid:well, you can go today to the cinema
Ana:if encantaria me.
Walid:it will warn to him our friends
Ana: ok.
Walid:we see ourselves in afternoon in SAMBIL.
Ana:ok alli estare.Bye
Walid:bye bye.



-What is your full name?

Walid Ali
Merhi Merhi.

-Where and whenwere you born?

*Born in Maracaibo

-What do you do? (Student, doctor, lawyer)

*2rd semester student at accounting school

-What are your archiements? Abilities.
*Soccer player.


Kobe Bryant
*Was born in Philadelphia.
*Basketball player.

*Select in draft NBA.
*Rookie of the year.
*Champions in slam dunks.

*select to stars game.
*MVP this year.
*This year he married with Vanessa Williams.

2.001,2.002, 2.003
*Champions of NBA with the L.A. LAKERS.

*Select MVP in the final.



The last weekend I was studying mathematic, I had a bad weekend because I didn’t played soccer with my friends, and I couldn’t slept well.
The last weekend I ate hamburgers on Saturday, I bought some food and I went to drink some beers, my family and I went to restaurant.
I didn’t watch T.V. on Saturday evening. I didn’t work with my sister at home and we didn’t clean all the food to ate.
I cleaned my room. The last night I talked with my parents about some problems with my girlfriend.



1-¿Where is the bank?
It is on First Avenue with Europe Street, across from the coffee shop.

2- ¿How do I get from the drugstore to the bank?
Walk up on Second Avenue with Asia Street in the three corner turn right, it’s across from the coffee shop.

3- ¿Where is the coffee shop?
It is on First Avenue with Europe Street, behind the bank.

4- ¿How do I get from the bookstore to coffee shop?
Walk up on first avenue turn right in the next corner and turn left on Europe Street. It is behind the bank.

5-¿Where is the library?
The library is on Second Avenue with America Street, next to the drugstore.

miércoles, 11 de abril de 2007


Hello people today will speak to them on the date that but I like.
It is the date of my birthday.That day I share with my friends and my family I meet with them and I amuse much.Also receipt gifts of my friends and much affection, is very pleasant.I fulfill the 20 of east March year turned my 18 years and am moved because I am going away to remove the license to lead.This birthday passes it with my friends in the SAMBIL we shared much and was amused.
Here I show some photos to them of that day.


Hello my name is Walid and I love the sports.
My favorite sport is soccer and the basketball. I practice these games. My favorite team of basketball is Lakers and of soccer my favorite team is BARCELONA F.C. enchants to see the sports to me by television always I see ESPN.I practice these sports with my friends who live in my sector and we spent three hours playing.
I see the sports with my brother and we thought that the sports are amused.
I believe that my abilities are to play basketball and to handle.

The ending of that history it is going to be a happy ending because in every history of love most have a happy ending with the boy and the girl will be together but that not going to be a simple process, because his sad, blind and he lost his dreams, he can’t ride more motorcycle and he can’t take more pictures, that was his other passion and he lost everything because he love her and he gave her him gores in a operation for recover her eyes, when she see that, she is very sad because she thinks that he lost his dreams for her, she wants to talk to him for the thanks but she’s scare for his reaction, and she don’t going to say anything but his dog bark her and he ask ¿Who is it? And she tell him who is it and they going to walk and she talk her feelings and his happy because of that and they walk the afternoon.

martes, 10 de abril de 2007


I never eat broccoli, I usually eat a little of carrots.
Sometimes I eat some pasta, I love eating beef, I eat a lot of pizza, I think fish are delicious.
I eat beef a lot of because I think beef are delicious.
I like chicken and cereal because are delicious, I don’t like broccoli because it is bad to me.
I am eating a diet properly.